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A local loan specialist is ideally placed to ensure you get access to tailor-made mortgage solutions. At Mortgage Mentors, we ensure your requirement gets fulfilled at the earliest and with minimal stress and hassle. Through us, you can get access to the best rates for loans in Santa Ana.

More Than Mortgage Loans

We take pride in ensuring our clients benefit from our mentorship program.

We work to educate our clients to make informed decisions and overcome challenges that may impede their access to getting the right loan. As a result, we forge long-term relationships with our clients.

We have a transparent mortgage loan application process.

Once we become aware of your requirements and your debt-to-income ratio, our Mortgage Mentor rep will work with you to find the best loan in Santa Ana CA.

We provide you direct access to a variety of different loans, including traditional mortgage loans, hard money loans, reverse mortgage, and non-qualified mortgage.


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We have a quick and effective mortgage loan processing system.

We believe we are one of the fastest processors in the Santa Ana region. A typical mortgage application takes an average of 25 days from the submission of documents to the disbursal of funds.

However, if all stakeholders cooperate, the process can finish in 14 days.

To work with one of theĀ Santa Ana mortgage companies to cater to your real estate funding needs, fill out the hassle-free online application.

We will revert promptly with quotes from our trusted and long-standing partners.

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