About US

The Mortgage Mentors understand that when you are looking for a home, a high level of communication and service is necessary to provide the best customer experience. We want to help more people become homeowners to provide the living situation for themselves and their family that they always envisioned. The Mortgage Mentors experts aim to educate you on each step of the way.

Our mentors network with a channel of both direct lenders, private investors, and brokers which gives our team the ability to provide a wide variety of mortgage programs to best serve each client.

Our approach involves educating you on different options available in the mortgage market based on your situation. 

The Mortgage Mentors help consumers & mortgage professionals with outstanding expertise by leveraging our knowledge to find the best programs for you or your client.

Ensuring you to purchase a home with the right program can be a challenging task. 

Being able to help with a first-time home purchase, an investment or any mortgage need is a privilege.

The Mortgage Mentor pride ourselves in this opportunity to help you.

By providing expert advice based on your scenario The Mortgage Mentors are able to find the best possible scenario for you! 


At The Mortgage Mentors, we conduct a thorough assessment of you and your property needs which helps advisors best understand which mortgage program suite your needs. 

With the ability to help every client, no matter the credit score or income, The Mortgage Mentors have diversified themselves from others in the market. 

From First-Time home buyers wanting to take advantage of low-down-payment through our Home Ready Program to seniors looking ERASE their monthly mortgage payment with a reverse mortgage, we have solutions. 

What Makes The Mortgage Mentors Different?

  1. Direct Relationship with Top Financial Institutions
  2. Variety of Programs w/ Competitive Rates
  3. Professional Transparent Advice
  4. In-house Processing & Underwriting


Helping you get the best possible mortgage loan is our goal at The Mortgage Mentors. The right suggestion can make a significant difference in creating a smooth process to avoid simple complications. Through our experience, The Mortgage Mentors are able to guide you through a smoother process so you do not have to spend time dealing with conflict and can move into your home.


Meet our team

Anthony E. Bitmayl


As an entrepreneur Anthony Btimayl`s vision has always been to help others. With over 8 years of experience in mortgage Anthony decide to make that vision a reality with The Mortgage Mentors.

Our goal at the Mortgage Mentors is to enable and educate our buys through a transparent, smooth process. Home buying is one of the biggest purchases a person will make and as mortgage professionals it is a privilege to be able to be involved when purchasing; investing into a home. With an endless drive to learn and a great team behind him Anthony & The Mortgage Mentors are confident they can help any person become a home owner in time.

Adrian Gutierrez

Chief Operating Officer

Adrian has had a passion for mentoring others since a young age, when he encountered his first leadership role as an executive supervisor at a national tech retailer. That’s where he got his first glimpse of being able to help others through teaching, coaching and mentoring. Afterwards, he turned his passion for mentoring others into a career and was the Head Visionary Officer at a national fintech company before helping found, The Mortgage Mentors.

That’s where we found his true passion, helping others achieve the dream they have always wanted. Reaching the American Dream, the dream of owning a home. Teaching, coaching and mentoring people to being able to achieve one of the largest goals in life, is his true passion.


We help you with the best pre-qualified offers for your mortgage loan. The Mortgage Mentors collaborates with the lenders, and financial institutions to offer you the best pre-qualified offers based on your credit and your banking transactions.

A right pre-qualified offer can make the whole process of mortgage loan application a smoother and hassle-free one, so that you don’t have to spend more time trying to contact different financial institutions.