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Educating borrowers into their first home by finding the best program and mentoring lenders to offer a better experience for their clients

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TMM’s application process is simple from start to finish.


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TMM are a team of passionate mortgage professionals educating borrowers about the best loan programs and mentoring loaners to provide a smooth, transparent experience for their clients. 

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TMM’s application process is simple from start to finish.

At the Mortgage Mentors we treat our clients as our family. Our emphasis is on making an effort to foster a lifetime bond by providing the best value for you.

Through our experience The Mortgage Mentors are able to guide you through a smoother process so you do not have to spend time dealing with conflict and can move into your home.

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The Mortgage Mentors educate and offer expert advice to real estate professionals and borrowers on how to best understand the mortgage process. Our goal is to minimize challenges to ensure a timely close for each individual.

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Benefits to

TMM’s application process is simple from start to finish.

As we expand our mentor team nationwide, TMM has existing licensed professionals in CA.


“The Mortgage Mentors helped to guide me through my third home purchase. As a small business owner with a few properties, I was not able to qualify for your conventional loan type. The Mortgage Mentors were able to guide me into a bank statement program where I did not need to use my income taxes.”

Abraham Duarte

Moreno Valley, CA

“My first home purchase was a bit stressful initially. When a Mortgage Mentor, Jesse (Jesus) Reyes, helped guide me in understanding how debt to income works, what liabilities I would need to pay off to qualify for a higher valued home and why slightly improving my credit with some simple tips would help getting me a better overall rate I felt impowered.”

AOsvolado Garcia

Moreno Valley, CA

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