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We offer the best real estate financing solutions!

While other companies focus more on closing the deal first, we deliver services, based on what you need the best. We also help you by saving your money and get the mortgage loan work done in the shortest possible time. We make sure that you get a better rate since we feel you deserve the best value for your time and money, particularly when investing in your dream home.


We are a bright team of passionate and experienced mortgage professionals providing top-notch services and best home lending options to clients. We are one of the top mortgage companies in Orange County, who can deliver what is promised at every stage of the lending process.

Integrity & Transparency

We treat our clients as our own. Our emphasis is on making an effort to foster a lifetime bond with clients, providing the best value for their trust in us.

Fast and free application process

Right from submission of your application process to funding, the average closing period of a mortgage loan deal is 25 days. We have even finalized the whole process within 14 days, for many of our clients.


We educate and offer expert advice to loan officers and borrowers regarding overcoming the hurdles or challenges during the process of homeownership.

Confused on which loan is right for you?

Mortgage Loan

Our loan officer will offer expert suggestions and assist you through every step of the process with qualified mortgage types that suit your profile, choice of home and the budget.

Reverse Mortgage

For borrowers over the age of 62, we help in using the equity in their home, for their monthly expenses and other financial needs. We make the process a hassle-free one.

Hard Money Loan

Our advisers will help you get the best capital by coordinating the effort with independent investors and hard money lenders so that you can grab the golden opportunity and are not left behind.


With the non-qualified type, we help borrowers in the process of their homeownership with only bank statements, other assets, and property cash flow.




Call (949) 292-2152 today or complete the online application, depending on which is the right option for you.



After submitting the necessary documents for review, we will help you in locking your loan process after the necessary approval.

Get Funds

Receive funds, after attesting the final paperwork.

Find Out More About The Mortgage Mentors


When you are a first-time homebuyer, you may be facing the challenge of not knowing where to start and how to start.

Your dream home is your motivation and from the next step, you need the professional advice of The Mortgage Mentors.

Among the different Orange County mortgage lenders, The Mortgage Mentors is a unique company, with an entirely innovative approach.

We are the first California mortgage company to focus on customer education and experience.

Today, we are among the best mortgage companies in Orange County, California due to our effort and insightful research that goes into finding the best mortgage loan deals, to suit your needs and requirements.

You can count on our success rate, to move ahead confidently for homeownership in Orange County, and you can rest assured of a pleasant and hassle-free experience during the entire process.


    From Our Clients

    Read what our happy clients have to say about us

    “The Mortgage Mentors helped to guide me through my third home purchase. As a small business owner with a few properties I was not able to qualify
    for your conventional loan type. The Mortgage Mentors were able to guide me into a bank statement program where I did not need to use my income taxes.”

    Abraham Duarte

    Moreno Valley, CA

    “My first home purchase was a bit stressful initially. When a Mortgage Mentor, Jesse (Jesus) Reyes, helped guide me in understanding how debt to income works, what liabilities I would need to pay off to qualify for a higher valued home and why slightly improving my credit with some simple tips would help getting me a better overall rate I felt impowered.”

    Osvaldo Garcia

    Moreno Valley, CA

    Get Pre-Qualified Now!

    We help you with the best pre-qualified offers for your mortgage loan.

    The Mortgage Mentors collaborates with the lenders, and financial institutions to offer you the best pre-qualified offers based on your credit and your banking transactions.

    A right pre-qualified offer can make the whole process of mortgage loan application a smoother and hassle-free one, so that you don’t have to spend more time trying to contact different financial institutions.

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